16 September 2010

Providence River Pedestrian Bridge Competition

Don't jump out of bed too quickly for this one.

For one thing, having only just read about it in some three-day old news, it's already pretty much too late to put in a prequalification submission: the deadline is 4pm EST tomorrow (September 17th).

For another, it's yet another contest where the client is expecting lots of effort, for little reward. Entrants who are shortlisted (there may be as many as ten) are given a month to prepare their entry, and rewarded with a paltry US$500 for their time. There seems to be a real commitment to build the bridge, but while the winner will receive some form of design appointment, its scope is unclear. There's no prize money.

The bridge is part of a scheme to replace the I-195 highway bridge, which is to be partially demolished. The new pedestrian bridge is to be supported on the old bridge's piers, left in place.

The project website states that the bridge is to 450 feet (137m) long and at least 20 feet (6.1m) wide. At least US$2m is available for construction, although the promoter is seeking funds to double that amount.

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