15 September 2010

Eight things you didn't know about this blog

Do you read this blog through an RSS newsfeed reader, or by an email subscription?

If so, I thought I'd remind you of what you miss if you never visit the blog's home page at http://happypontist.blogspot.com/.

On the right of the home page, you'll find my "profile" which includes my email address if you want to tell me bridge-related news.

You can see all my previous posts sorted by date ("Blog archive"), or subject ("Labels").

You'll also see "Related links", websites hopefully of interest to readers. Check out the Bridge of the month competition, or help out fellow bridge engineers at the Eng-Tips forum.

"My blog list" shows other bridge-related blogs which may be of interest, and you can see at a glance which ones have anything new to read.

If you don't use an RSS newsreader or are fed up opening the blog page regularly to check what's new, you can now subscribe by email to get a message every time there's a new post. Again, the link is on the right-hand side!

From the home page you can also search all my past posts (all 292 of them).

If you do read the blog at its home page, don't forget you can click on any image to see it at its full size. You can also comment on posts (please do!) by clicking the link which appears below each post.

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