07 November 2010

Providence River Pedestrian Bridge: Shortlisted designs released

I'm sadly way too busy to give these a thorough review right now, but the eleven shortlisted designs in this contest have been released for public view via Flickr.

From a quick look, there are at least one or two entrants with interesting features, but if you have more time than I do, I invite you to play "guess the designer" for each one (the entries are anonymous but the eleven entrants are known), and report back here!

The winning design is due to be announced at the end of the month.

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Anonymous said...

Well, no one is venturing out there, but I will. After a bunch of looking around, I'm about 99% sure of about half of them, but the others I'm hedging my bets. My guesses would be:

Team 1 McDowell + Benedetti
Team 2 (85/15 guess) WXY / Balmond
Team 3 Studio Providence
Team 4 (85/15 guess) Balmond Studio / WXY
Team 5 (70/30 guess) H2L2 / Rosales
Team 6 La Dallman
Team 7 RFR Engineers
team 8 Endres Ware
team 9 William Warner
team 10 inForm
team 11 (70/30 guess) Rosales and partners / H2L2

Looking forward to finding out if I'm close, this should be fun!