19 June 2009

Bridges news roundup

Mill Lane footbridge wins engineering award
Steel arch span in Bracknell, designed by Jacobs

So does Aylesbury footbridge
Bourg Walk bridge, also designed by Jacobs

Tabikappa blog
I've recently added a new link to this Japanese blog which posts regular photos of bridges. If you read The Happy Pontist through an RSS newsreader rather than visiting directly, please visit the home page occasionally, as it links (in the right hand margin) to the latest updates of several other blogs which may be of interest. What especially attracted me to Tabikappa was this terrifying bridge.

Safety concerns raised about Brisbane's Kurilpa Bridge
Vulnerable to impact from freakishly tall vehicles, apparently (isn't this true of any bridge over a highway?) Mayor gets in a tizzy, consultants seem to have a dislike of steelwork, politicians see passing bandwagon and chase after it.

New fibre reinforced composite footbridge installed in six hours
Ultra-low maintenance bridge is no beauty.

Soaring or boring?
Decision on controversial Portland light rail bridge moves closer. Journalist opposes elegant, efficient design (pictured below). Blogger offers insight into the decision-making process.

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Anonymous said...

Was FRP bridge really £5k/m2 for a bridge with no new footings or piers, just spans and steps? Seems like a lot for an ugly steel lookalike.