30 July 2012

Bridges news roundup

A few bridge-related links and stories from the last few weeks:

Torrens footbridge design unveiled
Winner announced in AUS$40m pedestrian bridge contest in Adelaide, Australia.

Leith Walk ‘Green Bridge’ / biomorphis
A proposal for an elevated "High Line" style garden walkway in the city of Edinburgh.

Wupper-Bridge Opladen / Ağırbaş & Wienstroer
I like this interesting little German footbridge.

Footbridge will link city centre to nature reserve
Proposals for a £0.25m footbridge in Gloucester are kicked off with a "young engineers" design competition by the Institution of Structural Engineers.

Shoreham footbridge to go ahead despite £9.8m cost
Ouch. Previous budget £5.8m.

LEGOs Hack Bridge in Germany
Delightful decoration of a bridge in Wupperthal.

Pennington Road Footbridge / Softroom
Timber footbridge over canal in Liverpool. I visited it previously.

Recession shatters plans for £5m glass Heatherwick bridge
He may have triumphed with a rather nifty Olympic "cauldron", but Heatherwick's all-glass footbridge at Kings Cross, London, has fallen victim to its price-tag. £5m is rather a lot for a 16m long bridge.

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