22 March 2011

Bridge competition debris part 24: Poole Harbour Crossing: Others

Okay, here, finally are all the entries to this 1997 bridge design competition which didn't get at least a Commendation. For previous posts, see the Finalists, Shortlisted, Highly Commended and Commended.

It's a long, long post, so don't expect anything in the way of pithy comment! I've ordered the entries alphabetically, by main named engineer first, and as with previous posts, I'm listing only the main engineering and architectural members of each team - frequently several other firms were involved as cost consultants, lighting specialists etc.

Just try and imagine being on the jury for this contest, faced with 99 entries, not just these images, but supporting documents to read as well!

As always, click on any image for a full size version.

Acer / Ian Ritchie

Acer / Chris Wilkinson Architects

Sufian Al-Shawaf et al / Prof Paul E Regan

Babtie / Nicol Russell

Baikoff & Associates

Robert Benaim / Powell-Williams

KLV Bird, PEP Research & Consultancy

Blake Beston Francois & Associates

Blyth and Blyth Associates / Norrie Toch Studio

Peter Brett Associates / Cheshire Robins Design Group

Peter Brett Associates / Miller Traves

Building Design Partnership


Buro Happold / John Csaky

Buro Happold / University of Bath

NC Buxton

Santiago Calatrava / Dennis Sharp

Campbell Reith Hill IDOM / George West

Cass Hayward / Calzon

Dar Consultants

DHV (UK) & Europe Etudes Gecti / Alain Speilmann Architecte

Dorset Engineering Consultancy

Gifford & Partners

Gifford & Partners / Percy Thomas Partnership

Frank Graham / KHR AS Architects / Cowiconsult

Sir William Halcrow & Partners / Walther Mory Maier / Cezary Bednarski - Studio E

Harris & Sutherland / Jean Muller International / Charles Lavigne

Howard Humphreys & Partners

IOA / Lexiq / Quadric / Soberco

Kara Taylor / Ray Hole

Kumar Associates

Maunsell / Design Research Unit

Maunsell / Percy Thomas Partnership

Michaelayne Architects

Matti Ollila & Co / Harris & Kisjik

Owen Williams

Parkman / Carlos Fernandez Casado / Fairhurst Design Group

Pell Frischmann / Covell Matthews Histon Architects

Pell Frischmann / David Lock Associates

Pell Frischmann / Thorpe Architecture

Rust Consulting / Leonhardt Andra & Partner / Yee Associates

SMP Atelier One / Acer / Apicella Associates

Sir Frederick Snow & Partners / Chapman Cole Partnership

Soliman & Associates

Symonds Travers Morgan / Marks Barfield

Taywood Engineering

S B Tietz & Partners / Graham Herbert Associates

J Tonello / Filippo Broggini & Pascal Amphasx

Anthony Ward Partnership / Davison Associates

Waterman Partnership / Jeffries Lowe Architects

T W Welch / Andrew Waring Associates / Barclay & Phillips

Whitby & Bird

Works International / LaGess McNamara Smith


Anonymous said...

It's fascinating to see the 3 or 4 computer renderings in the mix. This set is like a snapshot of rendering techniques, taken just as they were beginning to change.

I wonder if the change to computer renderings has made it easier for non-artists to create perspectives, or if basic artistic training is still the key thing?

The Happy Pontist said...

I don't know if they need the artistic training, but computer visualisers certainly need the artistic sensibility. I've seen quite a few renderings over the years which are technically competent but not emotionally engaging, or which fail to show their subject from the best point of view. I can think of several cases where I've used computer visualisations to establish the perspective of a scene, but relied on a sketch artist to produce the finished image, so it has more "feeling" to it. Of course, there are plenty of computer packages now which create an illusion of hand-drawing anyway.