20 March 2011

Bridges news roundup

Columbia River Crossing: The right bridge for the right reasons
I covered the proposals for the Columbia River Crossing in detail recently. A twin-deck truss solution emerged from a recent design review as the pragmatic and certainly most economic choice. Nonetheless, a number of opinions are appearing in the Portland press opposed to the decision, of which this is merely one example (here's another). Mostly, they seem to want the cable-stayed alternative simply because it sticks up more (really, I can't see more to their arguments than that). The one linked here has a more pressing concern: it would be better for the fish (those dunderheaded fish are unable to swim around six foundations, but could manage if there were three, you see).

Mayor rubberstamps Wilkinson Eyre’s River Thames cable car
Any chance of getting Boris stuck in one of the pods when it grinds to a halt on opening day? (Not that it will of course, it's just my dream to watch London's mayor having to bungee his way down to a rescue boat ...)

Rebuilding this historic crossing was never a bridge too far
Ireland's very dramatic Mizen Head bridge reopens to the public.

Glass Bridge - Heatherwick Studio
Nice feature at Frame and Form blog on a fascinating bridge concept. More can be found on the designer's website.

Construction begins on Phyllis Tilley Memorial Bridge in Fort Worth
An attractive combined arch and stress-ribbon bridge, it should be a nice structure when complete.

Bridge too far: Fishermen lead protests against Rhyl harbour plan
Does anyone remember the Foryd Harbour Bridge? It won a competition back in June 2009, and has now obtained planning consent. 350 fishermen (and friends) protested against the plans, but it was voted through with overwhelming support.

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