15 June 2010

International Wildlife Crossing Infrastructure Design Competition

I blogged about this contest back in December, so won't repeat all the information I gave then. However, it has now been launched in earnest. Expressions of interest are requested by 30th July, from teams of engineers, landscape architects and ecologists able to innovate in reducing wildlife-vehicle collisions in Colorado. Teams who successfully prequalify get a US$15,000 honorarium, and there's a US$40,000 prize for the eventual winner. The competition rules look fairly sensible with an multi-disciplinary jury, the winner retaining copyright on their design, but no commitment to award an actual design contract.

Past examples illustrated by the competition organisers imply a bridge as a solution, but most wildlife crossings I know of are tunnels or culverts, and I suspect they're looking for a more imaginative solution if one exists.

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