16 September 2013

Bridges news roundup

I'm preparing posts on a handful of bridges I recently visited in London and Birmingham. Until those are ready, have some news:

Plan for viewing platform at top of Forth Rail Bridge
Yes please!

A bridge from the future that never was
I reported positively on Calatrava's Katehaki Bridge, in Athens, back in May. Here's a gloomier appraisal: "The bridge has never really been loved."

The architect behind 'eyesore' Dresden bridge
Unesco's Most Wanted speaks out.

Canberra bridge wins prestigious design award
Landscape architecture award for masterplan including unpretentious little bridge.

Point Resolution Bridge / Warren & Mahoney
Slickly futuristic. Super-slender piers. Structurally irrelevant arch features, sorry "armatures". Good? Bad? Who knows. Many more photos here.

Høse Bridge / Rintala Eggertsson Architects
A very "industrial" looking bridge in a natural landscape. I'm unconvinced by the desire to enclose the bridge in a setting like this, but it's unfair to judge only by photos.

Craigieburn Bypass / Tonkin Zulaikha Greer + Taylor Cullity Lethlean
A very different setting, another enclosed bridge.

Amazing camouflaged bridge
Go on, you must be able to think of a few more bridges out there that could do with being turned "invisible".

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