21 December 2011

Bridges news roundup

Moxon completes Taunton bridge
Modesty is a virtue (pictured - more images at Moxon's website).

Polyurethane/steel deck wins Canadian design award
Sandwich plate deck system used to minimise dead load in bridge refurbishment scheme.

Memorial Bridge Design Battle Just Beginning
Busybody seeks to add pointless frippery to New Hampshire bridge design.

New River Wear bridge in Sunderland given the go ahead
Government accepts arguments that "iconic" element of controversial design offers good value-for-money, finally securing the future for the new Wear bridge. This is something of a triumph for designers Stephen Spence and Techniker, who saw their initial design contest entry disappear into a black hole before it was eventually revived. Considerable effort has gone into making this bizarre design stand up, and I hope more details of the engineering become available in due course, through a technical paper perhaps.

Sturgess: An unusual process yields an extraordinary result: Peace Bridge
A quite extraordinary love letter to Calatrava's still incomplete Calgary footbridge.

Wow! That's one nice-looking bridge
The Calgary Herald calls it "iconic but overpriced". Get off the fence - was it worth it? A late January opening is currently anticipated.

Be’er Sheva  Pedestrian Footbridge
Winning proposal for yet another "iconic" project (pictured). Slightly reminiscent of the Gatwick Pier 6 passenger bridge.

Gateshead Millennium Bridge bollards to go

City of Toronto halts new Lovelocks fad on Humber River foot bridge
Joy-killing jobsworths hard at work in Toronto.

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Colin said...

I note the architect got first billing by the BBC on the New River Weir Bridge. Now that really gets my goat!