02 December 2011

Bridges news roundup

It's time for another very quick roundup of bridge-related news.

Hopefully in the near future I'll get some more spare time, and I plan to post about a series of footbridges in the Paddington area of London which I visited recently.

Walk of Faith: Glass Pavement for Tourists Built on 4,690ft Mountain in China
That's another place added to my future holidays list.

Shrewsbury footbridge to undergo major refurbishment
£450,000 to refurbish a bridge which originally cost £2,600. It would certainly be a shame not to preserve this fine bridge, but you could probably build an entirely new bridge for that sum.

9 Beautiful Pedestrian Bridges Not Designed by Santiago Calatrava
The design credits generally omit the engineer, and several of these actually look rather horrible, but it's nice to see lesser known structures getting some recognition.

Peace Bridge placed over Bow River
The long-running saga of Calatrava's Calgary bridge seems to be approaching an end. Some people still find time to grumble.

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Matt said...

You think that's scary - you should see waht was there before!