15 November 2011

Merseyside Bridges: 11. Howley Suspension Bridge, Warrington

This is the last in this current series of posts, another bridge in Warrington spanning the River Mersey.

It was built in February 1912 by David Rowell & Co., who were prolific builders of many similar steel suspension footbridges. Unusually for the genre, it has been considered worthy of a Grade II Listing, although the website linked below has it by the wrong name.

A sign on the bridge states that "swinging or jumping on this bridge is strictly forbidden", suggesting a liveliness that I don't recall noticing.

I'm conscious that I know very little of the bridge's history, and as for its appearance, can only state that I am a huge fan of unpretentious, lightweight suspension footbridges such as this. So enough verbiage, here are some photos!

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Democracy Man said...

I canoed beneath this lovely bridge only yesterday and in looking for some history related to it I found your blog site. Very interesting.