18 October 2010

Bridges news roundup

Scottsdale's Soleri Bridge project becoming a reality
The first of 91-year old Paolo Soleri's bridge designs to be built nears completion.

Sheikh Zayed Bridge to open soon
Zaha Hadid's iconic structure may open on October 20th, after seven years of construction.

MediaCity footbridge put in place
£11m swing footbridge in Manchester has been installed and will open early next year.

Poole's Twin Sails bridge open days start
Now this one isn't ready to open, it has only just started.

Bridge referendum heats up
Victoria, Canada, prepares for a vote to borrow CAN$49m to replace the historic Johnson Street Bridge with a new Wilkinson Eyre design.

Design revealed for Weymouth's Newstead Road footbridge
I really hope the final design looks better than the visualisations currently on offer.

Floating bridge over the Strait of Messina: why?
Thanks to Bridge Design & Engineering magazine for spotting this one, a totally mad idea realised by its proposer in exquisite detail.

The Birth of a Modern Marvel
The new Hoover Dam Bridge opens later this month, but here's an awe-inspired preview.

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