04 July 2010

Bridges news roundup

Engineering ethics in the movies: the Bridge over the River Kwai
Thought-provoking discussion of ethics from a blog I had previously overlooked.

Ponte Vecchio, a Bridge That Spans Centuries
Jay Pridmore previews his upcoming book on Florence's finest.

35W bridge suit: Engineering firm felt bridge was 'overstressed'
A short parable on the perils of ignoring critical emails from colleagues. Or on the perils of criticising colleagues by email rather than just speaking to them. Or on the perils of trying to explain engineering judgement to the lay public. Or on the perils of a perceived client pressure to spend no money. You decide. Or if you don't, the courts will.

Krakow Pedestrian Bridge Nears Completion
It's inspired by a leaf, but it looks like a bridge to me.

2010 FIB Outstanding Concrete Structure Awards [PDF]
I missed out on this news from the beginning of June. Three bridges were among the winners of FIB's four-yearly awards: Third Millennium Ebro River Bridge, Zaragoza, Spain; Svratka River Pedestrian Bridge, Brno, Czech Republic; and Wadi Abdoun Bridge, Amman, Jordan. A Special Mention went to Navia Viaduct, Asturias, Spain. At the same time, FIB also awarded their Freyssinet Medal to Jiri Strasky and Nigel Priestley.

Trinity bridge supporters toast capping of arch
Calatrava's US$117m bridge makes progress.

Spanning the gap between art and artful engineering
New Zealand's first specialist bridge architect?

Paris looks for power from turbines beneath the Seine
River currents could be harnessed at four bridges across the capital.

Germany to build motorway through Riesling vineyards
Massive bridge set to win battle against the grapes.

Great progress on Mizen footbridge reconstruction
Great progress, great bridge. Shame they couldn't preserve the original structure.

Cables on new River Foss footbridge ‘may kill wildlife’
Locals seem to confuse the dangers to birds of major cable-stayed bridges with the (lack of) danger of a tiny cable-stayed pedestrian bridge.

‘One-of-a-kind’ foot bridge still an everyday construction site
Self-anchored suspension bridge in San Diego running behind schedule because it was "built 7 percent heavier than called for". Huh?

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