24 July 2018

Awards shortlists announced

The shortlist has been announced for the Structural Steel Design Awards 2018. Bridges projects on the shortlist include:
There are also several bridges featured in the shortlist for the British Construction Industry Awards 2018:
  • Chapel Street Bridge upgrade, Salford
  • Highbury Corner Bridge replacement
  • M4 River Usk Bridge Strengthening and Rehabilitation
  • Mersey Gateway Bridge 
  • Queensferry Crossing
  • Somers Town Bridge
  • The Ordsall Chord
The BCIAs also shortlist Leeds Flood Alleviation Scheme and London Wall Place, both of which have interesting bridges as part of the wider projects. There may be others, it's not always easy to tell from the scheme names.

I've included links to structures that I've previously featured here. I will be reporting on the London Wall Place walkways soon as well. Hopefully I can visit some of the others some day.

Winners for both the above awards schemes will be announced in October.

Finalists have also been announced for the European Steel Bridge Awards, with a winner to be announced in September:
  • The Railway Bridge line Hohenau-Prerov, Czech Republic
  • Rethebrücke, Germany
  • Loftnesbrui, Norway
  • Årstabron, Sweden
  • Parkbrug Spoor Noord, Belgium
  • Footbridge for Pedestrians, Cycles and Reduced Mobility, Luxembourg
  • Jungle Pedestrian Bridge, Norway

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Bridge Nominations for the Dutch steel awards 2018;