11 August 2011

Wrocław's Bridges: 16. Pipeline Bridge

This bridge is labelled "Gazociąg" by Wratislaveae Amici, which simply means "gas main" or "pipeline".

It was something of a surprise discovery - it isn't mentioned in any of the papers, guidebooks or websites that I looked at to work out what was worth seeing in Wrocław. I just glimpsed it in the distance and thought a closer look was merited, even though by this point myself and a companion were getting hot, tired and thirsty.

I guess its status as a utility bridge is responsible for its omission from guides to Wrocław's bridges, but that's a shame, as it's both a spectacular bridge, and also one of the most aesthetically pleasing that I saw.

I didn't have time to find a vantage point from which the whole bridge can be seen - it was simply too big. So you'll simply have to note that these photos show at most half of the bridge, and that the remainder is symmetrical (the Google maps link below makes it clear).

Spanning approximately 250m, this is a beautiful filigree suspension bridge. The cables are splayed, to provide the pipeline with a degree of lateral stability, and hence the pylons are also splayed, gigantic Y-shapes.

It would clearly be an absolute pleasure to walk across.

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crisb said...

Isn't it amazing so little is recorded about this interesting structure. It seems to have featured in a clandestine high wire act.