13 October 2012

Bridges news roundup

Okay, time for blogging remains short, so while I prep something more substantial, here are a few links that might be worth a look:

Kiss Bridge / Joaquin Alvado Bañon
Interesting twin-cantilever footbridge (pictured) over a flood channel in Spain.

Bridge Designs – 5 Most Ambitious of Today
A mixture of proposals, some likely to be built, some not.

Ross beauty spot bridge gets the big opening
£123k suspension footbridge opened at Rogie Falls, Scotland.

Bridge design team emphasises its local roots
Sssh, don't tell anyone the architect has been imported from the UK.

New "butterfly" bridge over the River Clyde
"Dalmarnock Smart Bridge" (pictured), designed by Halcrow, receives planning permission.

Brownlie and Ernst create infrastructure dream team
Dynamic duo comprised of ex-Wilkinson Eyre and ex-Dissing + Weitling specialist bridge architects.

Famous architect, artist will weigh in on Tappan Zee overhaul
Richard Meier and Jeff Koons called up to advise on aesthetics of Tappan Zee bridge replacement. Perhaps Koons will push to incorporate some Made in Heaven iconography. At least they didn't ask Andres Serrano.

PT bamboo pure: millennium bridge
Thoroughly delightful covered bamboo footbridge in Bali (pictured).

Venice's Rialto bridge will be desecrated by advertising
The bridge arcade in particular could certainly do with a scrub up, but the outrage seems over done - this is hardly a new idea.

Symbolic inauguration of 5,000th suspension bridge
Celebration for the building of 5000 bridges in Nepal with Swiss assistance. Quite an amazing achievement.

1 comment:

Pete said...

It's nice to get an occasional gem in your RSS feed that gets you excited about bridge design again: that bamboo bridge is absolutely gorgeous. I've been admiring it for a good 10 minutes (in comparison to a few seconds glance of yet more uninspiring, either too minimalist/osentatious bridge designs.

I'd love a desktop-sized resolution of a few pictures: perhaps I could suggest your next bridge tour destination?

In return for your unlikely chance of acceptance, here's a good documentary about the construction of a bamboo bridge just in case you somehow haven't found out about it.