15 February 2010

Bridges news roundup

I'm nearing the end of my series of posts on the bridges of Eduardo Torroja, but while I prepare the final one, here are some quick links to stories elsewhere:

The Continental Starts When the Calatrava's Done. Spring 2011, Says the City. OK, Then.
Highway bridge in Dallas to be transformed into pedestrian bridge (pictured) - also see the Q&A with the project manager

Guerrilla bridge-makers save New Yorkers from scum river
Proving that small is beautiful (spotted thanks to tallbridgeguy.com)

New design for Molineux bridge revealed
"We've got four lattice arches, Wembley's only got one", Wolverhampton bridge designer fails to say

Tech Know: The dreams that bricks are made of
Forth Rail bridge built in Lego

Meet Shanghai's Mr Bridge
Interview with Lin Yuanpei

Federal help available for Johnson Street Bridge repair
Refurbishment of Canadian bascule bridge looking like a more positive option

Protestors lose fight as Bradford bridge plan is voted through
Cable-stayed bridge with weathering steel pylon gains planning consent in Bradford on Avon. It's quite an interesting design, drawings and documents are available on Wiltshire's planning website

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