08 May 2022

Welsh Bridges: 22. Cwmcoch Footbrige, River Wye

This is the next crossing of the River Wye upstream from  the Cwmbach Footbridge discussed in my previous post.

It was built in 1967 by N.R. Hope of Newbridge-on-Wye, a "swing" suspension bridge of total length around 53m. A wooden beam bridge had previously spanned the river here, before being destroyed in the 1960 floods.

If you were unaware that this bridge existed, you would never look for it. I parked in the entrance to a farm track (although I can't recommend this) on the A470, and walked downhill. There is also space to park on the minor road on the opposite side of the river.

And indeed ... there was no bridge to find. At least, not one that you can still cross.

Powys County Council have no record of the bridge, suggesting this may have been a private bridge as there is no recorded public right of way.

However, Alan Crow's book Bridges on the River Wye, indicates that the bridge was built by the council, after an application to the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries for a grant to build a vehicular bridge was rejected.

Considering that the remains of the bridge are still visible, attached to the western abutment, I guess that this bridge may have been destroyed in the floods of February 2020.

Peering closely at the debris of the bridge, it can be seen that there was a timber walkway, three planks wide, supported on timber cross-members. Below these are a set of six parallel wires, an arrangement similar to the Invermark Footbridge in Scotland. The remains of suspension towers and cables are also just about visible.

I have included a picture of this bridge from Crow's book, to show it as it once was.

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