12 April 2021

The return of the Happy Pontist

You may have spotted this blog has been a little quiet last year, and especially recently. This is the first time I've posted since the beginning of November. There haven't been many opportunities to visit bridges, and generally more pressing things to do than blogging anyway.

So ... I do have a few books about bridges that I could review, so I'll start posting some of those shortly.

And if there is something in the world of bridges that you really think I should feature here, please do let me know, via the comments.

So long as it is not this.

Or this.

Or this. Definitely not this!


eddablin said...

Welcome the return. Long live the Happy Pontist.

Anonymous said...

May I request a feature on the bridge from ancient China, which was constructed from identical lengths of bamboo. In recent times a Department of Mathematics set out to see if it could be done - and eventually succeeded. They filmed their efforts and the result was made into a television programme.

Anonymous said...

Great news!!

Fredm said...

Welcome back, Mr Pontist, it’s been way too long!

fma said...

Great news!!!

Bridge Ink said...

Your blog has been sorely missed. Welcome back!
Bob. Bridge Ink