02 April 2010

Larvik bridge competition winners announced

Since 2005, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration has been planning improvements to the E18 highway near Larvik. They elected to hold a design competition for the most sensitive site, with four teams submitting entries at the beginning of February (entries judged anonymously). While this involved the design of a new highway bridge structure, the development of landscaping proposals was also a key element.

Two winners were declared on 26th March, one for the bridge, and one for the landscaping, with the recommendation that their proposals be combined. I've included images below, click on each one for a larger version.

The detailed competition jury report is available online, as are the design submissions from each entrant.

Winner (bridge)
Ramboll / L2 arkitekter

Winner (landscape)
Aas Jakobsen / Plan Arkitekter / Grindaker / Geovita / ViaNova Plan

Also competing
Cowi / Flint & Neill Limited / Knight Architects / Løvlien Georåd AS

Also competing
Møller & Grønborg arkitekter / Niras

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