10 October 2013

Bridge competition debris part 26: Salford Meadows Bridge

Wow, now these people are quick.

These unsuccessful contest entries were all up on the internet even before the finalists had been announced for this footbridge design competiton, which I first discussed in some detail back in June.

So, here are the submissions which a fairly quick trawl of the internet has found. Follow the links to find more images and details of each design - it really is worth following most of them to see some of the weird and wonderful things that were submitted.

I will make no comment on the individual entries, other than to offer my sympathies to the competition judges.

Update: 21 October 2013: I've added a few more entries found on the internet, and understand RIBA Competitions are preparing their own gallery of all the entries.

ADAPT architects

Atelier Architecture 64 / Laufs Engineering Design

Avery Associates

BAI Design International

Stathis Eleftheriadis

Fala Atelier

InHolD (1)

InHolD (2)





Luca Poian Forms

Pruthiphon Buakaew


Studio 06

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