26 April 2011

Bridges news roundup

Tempe Town Lake pedestrian bridge taking shape
278m long footbridge in Arizona designed by TY Lin International, has four good-looking arch spans (pictured below). More information here.

Scottsdale's Soleri Bridge Is a Testament to the Artist - But It Ain't Perfect
An intelligent critique of the Scottsdale bridge, although the various complaints seem like petty niggles when set against the sheer awfulness of the bridge mast.

I-5 bridge choice earns mostly praise
Deck truss option chosen for Columbia river crossing, see also my previous post.

A new Brooklyn Bridge, this time made of trees
This US$5m design looks like quite an attractive timber and steel pedestrian bridge, and I'll cover it in more detail if I find out more.

Townspeople call for a poll on footbridge plan
Proposals to replace level crossing in Sleaford (see previous post) may be derailed due to lack of public consultation.

Mangalore: Hanging Bridge btn Sultan Battery and Tannirbavi to Set Global Record
A bold but incorrect claim. At only 250m, it's definitely not the longest footbridge span in the world.
ICE Historic Bridge and Infrastructure Awards 2010
There seems to be sod all information about these on the ICE website, so try these links for more details on some of the winning projects:

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