20 April 2011

International Bridge Conference Awards 2011

Various 2011 award winners have been announced by the International Bridge Conference, which will be held in Pittsburgh, USA, from 5-8 June.

John A. Roebling Medal
Michael J. Abrahams, P.E., New York, NY, recognising an individual for lifetime achievement in bridge engineering

George S. Richardson Medal
Stonecutters Bridge, Hong Kong, for a single, recent outstanding achievement in bridge engineering

Gustav Lindenthal Medal
North Arm Fraser Crossing, British Columbia, Canada, for an outstanding structure that is also aesthetically and environmentally pleasing

Eugene C. Figg, Jr. Medal
Mike O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial (Hoover Dam By-Pass) Bridge, connecting Arizona and Nevada, for Signature Bridges, recognising a single recent outstanding achievement for bridge engineering, which is considered an icon to the community for which it is designed

Arthur C. Hayden Medal
Te Rewa Rewa Bridge in New Plymouth, New Zealand, recognising a single recent outstanding achievement in bridge engineering demonstrating vision and innovation in special use bridges

Engineering Excellence Award
FHWA Manual "Analysis and Design of Skewed and Curved Steel Bridges with LRFD Reference Manual", awarded to be special and beyond the traditional guidelines of the medal categories

James C. Cooper Student Award
Behrouz Ahafei , University of California at Irvine, for undergraduate and graduate students who demonstrate an interest and passion for bridge engineering

The IBC presents itself as "the" international bridge conference, but is generally dominated by North American attendance with a strong Asia-Pacific presence. It's nice to see the awards are more wide-ranging, although possibly still somewhat inward-looking - is an FHWA Manual really the most excellent example of bridge engineering worldwide in the last year?

I've covered the Te Rewa Rewa bridge here previously.

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