04 April 2011

Open thread

A mixture of lack of time on my part, and a lack of interesting bridge news, means it is all quiet on the pontist front, and likely to remain so for a little while, what with workload and Easter holidays on the way. I have a few posts in gestation but they will take some time to get ready.

Rather than whistling aimlessly and drumming fingers impatiently on the (virtual) table, here's an open thread.

Is there some bridge-related news I've missed?

A topic you'd like me to cover in the future?

Something you meant to comment on previously but never got around to?

Here's your chance: just click the Comment link at the bottom of this post!


Pedestrian said...

Substandard welding on Calatrava's Peace Bridge

The Happy Pontist said...

Yes, I saw that in the news, and will post about it later in the week.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you have ever commented on this bridge.



Anonymous said...

In your "labeling" system you are missing quite a few names:
Ney & Partners
Rosales + Partners

The Happy Pontist said...

That's true, although please don't think I would only tag for architects! I've considered it a few times and the question is where to stop: I would have to tag for every person or firm, and the number of tags would mushroom enormously. Right now, I tag only for designers who are famous but dead (Nervi, Torroja, Brunel etc); alive and famous and of sufficient celebrity that everything they do is news (Calatrava); and living designers who appear in the context of their writings or opinions rather than just their designs (Menn, Bednarski etc). There are some exceptions (Conzett, Balmond) but I am not currently keen to tag posts for everybody.

The Happy Pontist said...

Regarding the Ponte del Mare, it's been suggested to me before, but I simply didn't have anything I wanted to say about it. I always prefer to feature bridges I visit. For other bridges, they need to be sufficiently remarkable that it's easy to have something to say; have good, quickly available source material such as photographs which are copyright-free; fit into a "theme" I am already covering; or a combination of those.

Blogging is strictly a spare time activity, so anything for which the extent of research required outweighs the pleasure of writing will never get covered. I have been paid for published criticism in the past, and it was often quite tedious writing about things that simply didn't spark my enthusiasm.