26 February 2010

Manchester Bridges: 1. Introduction

Earlier this month, I had a day to spare in Manchester, and took the chance to visit quite a few of the city's bridges. Some of them are well known, but several will probably be new to most readers.

I'll cover them all over the course of about a dozen posts, but there may be a few delays along the way, as my paid work is exceptionally busy right now, with some big deadlines coming up in March.

The posts will all be headed "Manchester bridges", so I'll apologise in advance to the local protectionists who will insist that some of the spans are actually in neighbouring city Salford, with one being outside the Manchester ring motorway entirely. They're all bridges in "Greater Manchester", I just wanted to keep the titles of each post short!

There were also one or two interesting bridges which I didn't get the chance to see, so perhaps this series will expand if I ever get the chance for a return trip.

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