04 December 2009

Bridges news roundup

Battle of the bridge: Pro-cash borrowing city vs. cautious citizens
I've covered the Johnson Street Bridge story before: a fight between citizens wanting to preserve an unusual historic bridge, and their representatives, who want to borrow CAN$40m to replace it. Opponents are relying on a petition process to try and derail the borrowing, and have launched an online appeal for local residents to sign up.

Santiago Calatrava's Peace Bridge: Underbudget and Underway
City of Calgary and Graham Construction agree CAN$18m price for twisty red structure

Planning consent granted for Derry's Peace Bridge
Wilkinson Eyre / Aecom designed bridge expected to be open by end of 2010: see previous comment

Revolutionary hybrid design goes the distance in Tunable Bridge
Thanks to ABC blog for this link, a US firm promoting their system for balancing load share between the truss and arch elements of a modular bridge design

El puente del Trift en los Alpes Suizos
Courtesy of Frame and Form blog, pictures of the amazing Trift bridge in the Swiss Alps.

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