20 December 2009

Bridges news roundup

Happy days for Mr Beckett
Would the playwright who said "every word is like an unnecessary stain on silence and nothingness" really be delighted to have his name on "showman" Calatrava's new bridge (pictured right)? Opening day crowds looked happy enough, anyway. Drivers also set to take advantage. (Image courtesy infomatique on flickr).

Bridge over M1 link road set to win backing of second council
Cheaper replacement for Sheffield's competition-winning iconic footbridge looks likely to get the go-ahead (see previous post for more).

Scottsdale Bridge marks milestone for Paolo Soleri
Any resemblance to a couple of chimneys with some string attached is purely coincidental.

Blue Bridge activists finding referendum a tough job
Campaigners against replacement of Johnson Street Bridge struggle to raise enough signatures on their petition (previous post). Lots of spiffy new Wilkinson Eyre visualisations are available online (also, see picture left), as is a flythrough video.

Five New Signature Bridge Designs Released
Options for replacement of US/Canada Peace Bridge presented by Figg and Christian Menn in response to environmental concerns over Menn's previous two-tower cable-stay design. Is it just me or do the two new triple-tower cable-stay options not look sufficiently stiff enough? And doesn't the triple-arch design look significantly more expensive to build?

Dec. 16, 1832: A Towering Engineer Is Born
Celebrating the anniversary of the great Gustav Eiffel.

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