13 November 2016

Bridges news

I'm keeping it short and to the point: a few items of bridges news I spotted recently ....

London bridge lighting contest shortlist unveiled
This is being promoted to make London more of a "24-hour city", as if we didn't have enough light pollution already.

Mathematical bridge model kit
Do you know anyone who'd like one of these for Christmas?

Vision of swivelling bridge is unveiled for Renfrew Riverside project
File under "what the hell were they thinking about?!"

Richard Meier’s Cittadella Bridge inaugurated in Alessandria
Italian bridge 20 years in the making.

St Saviour’s Dock footbridge to be replaced
21 year old bridge is officially knackered.

New £7 million footbridge in Telford gets council backing
30 year old bridge also knackered, to be replaced with covered bridge design

Santiago Calatrava wanted pretty lights for the Peace Bridge but they couldn’t stand the cold
$700,000 bill to replace 300 light fittings.

New South Side pedestrian bridge spanning Lake Shore Drive a striking design
"Sometimes, a bridge is more than just a way to get from Point A to Point B."

New Dedicated Tram Stop Pedestrian Bridge for QMC Approved
Check out the visualisations, which show the proposed bridge floating above its support pillars rather than connected to them with anything suitable!

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Anonymous said...

Is it ironic or just humorous to read that the new South Side pedestrian bridge in Chicago is not "hyper-expensive," as a Calatrava design might have been? At $26 million (over $2000/square foot by my rough calculation), they sure paid a Calatrava price. Oh well...at least the new bridge (which I actually kind of like) doesn't have "iconic pop" or "dominate the setting." Or is that ironic/humourous also??