17 October 2013

Rotterdam Bridges: 2. Erasmus Bridge Elevated Walkway

I’m including this structure in my series of reports primarily as a curiosity.

It sits a short distance from the south end of the Erasmus Bridge, and I’m unclear to what extent it is intended as a functional walkway, and to what extent it may be a work of art. It’s a bridge in most senses of the word, except that it crosses no obstacle.

The user ascends a staircase at one end, traverses a walkway between two steel girders, and then descends a further staircase.

The experience is largely pointless, except to the extent that it offers an elevated view of the Erasmus Bridge and its environs. It’s a promenade, a chance to survey the urban surroundings.

Although it was unoccupied when I visited, I imagine it as a place to stand and sip a cocktail as the city lights dance on the water in the evening.

I suspect the reality may be just as likely to involve drunkards swigging Heineken, but I am merely speculating.

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