30 August 2013

Cumbria Bridges: 4. CKPR Bridge 67

Carrying on along the trail from Keswick to Threlkeld, the next bridge after Bridge 66 is ... Bridge 67.

This bridge is of the same basic form, an inverted bowstring truss, with the same X-bracing on the elevation. This one is a single span of 90 feet, with a slight skew. There is a short flat slab span on the approach at the east end of the bridge.

Like Bridge 66, it has been strengthened with the addition of a single plate girder between the trusses, which can be seen more clearly on these photographs. Cross-bracing connects the two trusses below the soffit of the central girder, while towards the ends of the span the trusses are connected directly to the girder with short stubs.

I'll come back to another bridge later on in this set which shows the details even more clearly.

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