12 March 2013

London Bridges: 29. Golden Jubilee Footbridges (revisited)

As with my last post, this post is just a collection of photos of one of London's most expensive pedestrian bridges, a few angles and details that caught my eye last time I visited it. For a more thorough discussion (and some photos which give a better idea of the bridge's overall layout), see my post from June 2010.


Maxim said...

Hello, I just wanted to tell you I am a big fan of your page. I found it only a few weeks ago and i wish i would have found it a long time ago. I am an Intern architect that wants to design and build bridges. I always try and find bridge competitions that are available for someone like me (only been out of school 1.5 years now). Do you know where I could find a list of these competitions because I have not seen any since the Amsterdam Pedestrian bridge (which unfortunately was unemployed and broke and could not enter). Now that I am finally getting paid I can not seem to find any.... Also I would never refuse to partner up with an engineer as they knowledge that i could nver even come close to comprehending. Anyways just wanted to let you know that you are doing great.

The Happy Pontist said...

I'm glad you like the website.

There are a few websites which list architecture competitions, none specifically about bridges, you could try http://europaconcorsi.com/competitions