14 June 2012

Transforming Seattle's 520 Floating Bridge 2012 International Design Ideas Competition

An international ideas competition has been announced to try and find creative ways of re-using the redundant SR-520 Evergreen Point floating bridge (pictured, courtesy of pgsvensk), which currently crosses Lake Washington the east of Seattle. The state Department of Transport plans to replace the bridge with a higher-capacity structure in 2014.

The contest is independent of the bridge replacement project, and is aimed at the "design community" to see whether more creative uses can be found for the redundant bridge pontoons than the usual answers of breakwaters, floating docks etc. The contest is being promoted by Washington State University, and offers a first prize of US$3,000. There's no expectation of a design contract for any winning solution - this is purely an ideas competition.

The jury consists entirely of architects and related "design professionals", so don't expect any serious consideration of the technical feasibility of proposals submitted. It's primarily an opportunity for architects, artists and students to add to their portfolio.

Entries must be submitted by August 15th, and there is a small fee for registration.


Anonymous said...

The competition can be found at www.rethinkreuse.org/competition for those interested in entering

The Happy Pontist said...

Thanks for that, but you'll find I already provided the link in the first sentence of the blog post!

Anonymous said...

Whoops! Sorry!