12 February 2012

Bridges news roundup

Unique rolling bridge gets Listed status
Very rare retractable bridge in Cumbria gets heritage protection.

New North Sheen footbridge designs to go on display
I mentioned the winner of this mini-bridge competition before, it would be interesting to see how the design has developed but I can't find a current image on line. Details of one of the unsuccesful competition entries can be found online.

New city centre footbridge lands
The image of a new bridge in Salford looks like it could be quite an interesting design - is it that rarity of rarities, an underspanned suspension bridge?

A bridge built to sway when the earth shakes
It's nice to see the New York Times offer a readable but informative overview of some of the engineering behind the new San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge.

Calgary Peace Bridge delayed, again
A dog-bites-man sort of story. It's nice to see that after seemingly dozens of stories about problems with the steelwork, it's that weird sister concrete who is to blame this time.

Historic Bridge and Infrastructure Awards 2012
What the title says.

Mahakam II bridge plans needed as evidence in collapse disaster
The title may exaggerate the problem, which seems to relate to missing performance specifications for the failed Kutai Kartanegara suspension bridge. The police chief is reported as saying: "Those papers have been hidden away for years and it won’t be easy getting access to them". A further report in the same newspaper appears to be pointing the finger squarely at negligence by the maintenance contractor involved.

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