25 January 2012

Bridges news roundup

Regular readers will have noted I am not posting much right now - this is likely to continue for the indefinite future as I am busy with other things. Sorry!

Ten Remarkable U.S. Bridges
Some great bridges, especially Bardwell’s Ferry Bridge.

Work begins on new Salford footbridge
The third of five new bridges apparently, I believe this is a Ramboll WhitbyBird design.

Criticism of bridge design hasn’t let up
Columbia River Crossing is the scene of a fierce battle between appointed experts and self-appointed experts.

'Kissing bridges' of Northumberland County?
Ontario politician ponders whether ersatz covered bridges could attract tourists. Surely brand new covered bridges will lack the appeal of historic spans?

A bridge to the future of scouting
"Wing Tip Bridge" due to open in 2013, looks like a very interesting design.

Think the school run is bad?
I wouldn't normally link to the Daily Mail, but the pictures and video are pretty remarkable.

Polhollick Suspension Bridge to be upgraded
£350,000 required to refurbish Listed bridge in Deeside, Scotland.


Anonymous said...

Agreed that in the ten remarkable US bridges, Bardwell's Ferry bridge is particularly noteworthy. Other than Brunel's Royal Albert Bridge over the Tamar I was not aware of any other lenticular trusses? I think Brunel used a lenticular truss over the Wye, but this was demolished. Where else are lenticular truss examples?

The Happy Pontist said...

Several lenticular truss bridges were built over the Elba in Hamburg; Lindenthal's Smithfield Street bridge in Pittsburgh is another classic example. I don't know which of these survive.

David Denenberg said...

The Berlin Iron Bridge Co. built many lenticular truss bridges in the northeast US in the late 1800s. Several remain. For example the South Washington Street bridge in Binghamton, New York is one of the largest remaining (having three spans): http://bridgemeister.com/pic.php?pid=2350 and http://bridgemeister.com/pic.php?pid=111