16 November 2009

Bridges news roundup

A proper post is in preparation, but until then, just some quick mentions:

Humble design projects win architectural awards
Includes a Kansas City utility conduit bridge which glows from within (pictured right).

Cleveland City Planning Commission praises Miguel Rosales bridge design for North Coast Harbor
Planners also approve Plan B in case highly innovative design hits a snag (see previous post for more on this).

Transporter Bridge seeks world fame
Newport and other transporter bridge authorities mull bid for UNESCO world heritage status .

Iconic bridge wins award with a little help from Imperial students
Infinity Footbridge relied on students to work out how to build it. Apparently.

Swing bridge in Odense to be longest in Northern Europe
118m span designed by ISC Consulting Engineers.

Top 5 Most Innovative Green Bridges on the Planet
Well, not really, but I guess it makes a good strapline.

'Gateway to Auckland'
Shrinkwrapped truss design unveiled for NZ$5m footbridge.

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Anonymous said...

The 'green bridges' post was incredible. Setting aside the repeated implications that sticking photovoltaics to your structure is the way to ensure sustainable design, I failed to spot a sinlge 'green' elements to any of the bridges.