16 December 2008

River Soar shortlist announced

RIBA have announced the shortlist for the £1.5m River Soar footbridge competition in Leicester. Six entrants have been selected from over 150 expressions of interest:
  • Allies and Morrison with Price and Myers
  • Explorations Architecture, Paris with Buro Happold
  • Knight Architects with Gifford Bridge Designers
  • McDowell & Benedetti with Arup
  • Moxon Architects with Arup
  • Ramboll Whitbybird

Some interesting choices there, with a number of firms who are not the better known architects and consultants. I think that's a good thing, as one of the problems with a closed competition such as this one is the risk that it may just feature "the usual suspects".

The entrants have to submit their designs in February, and a winner should be announced in March 2009. A preliminary briefing paper for the project is available online [PDF].

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