19 May 2011

Bridges news roundup

UNESCO science committee approves construction of Haliç metro bridge
New bridge won't affect Istanbul's World Heritage Site status

Another bridge crossed in bid to mark US steel links
Will Sheffield get its replica of Brooklyn Bridge?

Burley Bridge Association carries on its century-old fight
They've been trying to get stepping stones replaced with a bridge for 113 years - see http://www.burleybridge.com/ for more.

Tony Meadows' 10-year wait ends as Borough Market viaduct installed
Only 10 years? You should try waiting 113 years, mate.

IQ Winnersh footbridge up for award
Ramboll's tree-lined structure is an unusual design, to say the least.

Fort York bike bridge project in limbo
The original headline to this story read something like "Fort York bike bridge dead", to which somebody presumably responded "it's not dead, it's just resting". Having already called a halt to this iconic bridge scheme, Toronto Council were challenged by one local councillor to reconsider, but have decided to stand their ground. Council officials are still being asked to identify a cheaper alternative. The desire to move it ahead was partly motivated by the fact that the railway it spans will be closed for other work in 2012, and any delay will miss this opportunity, potentially increasing construction costs considerably. Apparently, they were relying on the rail closure to allow the curved deck and arch to be temporarily propped. The structural form was never well suited to building across a railway to begin with, and is unlikely to survive the rethink.

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