31 January 2011

Bridges news roundup

Engineer reveals plan to strengthen Forth bridge for £200m
Retired mechanical engineer thinks he could save Scottish government a bob or two.

Officials plan to raise roadbed of Bayonne Bridge without stopping traffic
A professor of civil engineering at Cleveland State University claims the Bayonne arch "doesn't care" about the higher location for the new road deck. Someone tell this man about wind loading, please.

Tees Rope Bridge Idea Resurrected
Waterman Aspen investigate the options for a 200m long suspension bridge at Barnard Castle, Durham.

No bridging fight over Istanbul's Golden Horn
55m tall horn-shaped towers threaten Istanbul's world heritage status

Complex construction delays Peace Bridge
Is it just me or does this look like a complete embarrassment? This isn't the first report of delays on Calatrava's Calgary footbridge caused by fabrication difficulties. Here, the critical need for strong, ground-flush welds is cited as the problem - surely the contractor knew what they were taking on? Have the reporters got it completely wrong?

St. Patrick’s architect says bridge is like a 'fine wine'
Hopefully RFR will design a weld-free bridge so as to be sure it can be built on time.

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