07 January 2011


Time is still keeping me from longer posts, so instead, what are the other bridges blogs up to?

Bridge Photo of the Day has returned after an absence of several months, with a series of wintry Alaskan bridges, although sadly it looks like the archive of photos from before their hiatus has disappeared.

My perennial favourite, Tabikappa, seems to visit an inexhaustible supply of interesting bridges in Japan, particularly pedestrian suspension bridges. There was a series of great postings on particularly ramshackle examples that I've mentioned before, but more recent ones have included several unusual asymmetric spans.

Tallbridgeguy is one of the few blogs to discuss bridge design rather than just depict it, and has recently used various posts to focus on the theme of sustainability in bridge engineering.

Frame and Form is an irregular Spanish blog (with English translation). I particularly enjoyed two recent posts on bridges designed by Anta, which are unusual yet simple and attractive.

Bridgehunter provides a database of historic bridge structures in the United States, campaigns for their preservation and restoration, and always makes for interesting reading. Recent highlights include their Top Twelve threatened but saveable bridges, as well as a roundup of preservation success stories from 2010.

From Korea, Bridgeworld publishes a wide variety of short features on bridges, often unusual ones. I particularly liked the stressed ribbon bridge examples they showed recently, a variation on this design that's not often seen.

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