08 September 2009

Bridges news roundup

The 68 most bizarre and perilous bridges
Seen lots of them before, but still plenty of memorable bridges at Weburbanist.com

Safety of new Venice bridge in doubt
Unclear what's new in fresh report on Calatrava footbridge labelled "not fully functional" - a quick go with Google Translate and the Italian press suggests only that bridge serviceability testing has revealed "many dark sides" ...

The Trinity Trust Announces "Bridging the Trinity" with Santiago Calatrava, Award-Winning Architect and Designer of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge
Party (get your tickets here) to celebrate progress on extravagant Dallas design

Dublin bridge wins European award
Spencer Dock Bridge wins LEAF Best Structural Design prize

Spanning the Tyne's Bridges
Exhibition in Gateshead runs until October 11th

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