15 September 2009

Bridges news roundup

Protesters in action to save historic bridge
Direct action planned to protect Bowstring Bridge in Leicester

New Norwich footbridge opens
Unconventional £2.5m Lady Julian swing bridge formally opened

London's bridges in war of words on Twitter
No, seriously, this is news, honest!

Transporter Bridge gets £800,000 of Assembly cash
Newport bridge to have long-awaited refurbishment

Brunel, Locke and Stephenson: the engineering giants who shaped our world
Telegraph looks back wistfully on the 150th anniversary of Brunel's death


Anonymous said...

Hey Hp, you can add in the Calgary bridge news...

It looks like Arup is the frontrunner.

The Happy Pontist said...

I'll do a Calgary update at some point soon (preferably once the competition submissions are made public).

David said...

Morning HP. Old news I know - but did the Lady Julian Bridge ever get any follow-up publicity or discussion in the engineering press (or by your esteemed site?)? I stumbled across it at the weekend and my cursory web searches aren't turning up anything... Who was it designed by? I presume there is a bearing at the top of the A frame - how is it maintained or replaced? Unconventional is certainly accurate!

The Happy Pontist said...

There's a credit for Mott MacDonald here but I seem to recall that others were involved. http://norwichsteel.moonfruit.com/#/lady-julian/4577964951