13 July 2009

Bridges news roundup

Book tells story of Forth Bridge Briggers
Eslpeth Wells interviewed on her new book “The Briggers: The Story of the Men Who Built the Forth Bridge”

City architects peddle idea for cycle way over Leith Walk
Smith Scott Mullan Associates propose new bridge in Edinburgh

Olympic footbridge touches down in Stratford
1600-tonne pedestrian bridge completes launch across rail tracks

Bridge dispute moves to court
Watson and Macalloy unable to reach agreement in £1.8m "squinty bridge" case

Roads to nowhere - abandoned, ruined and unfinished bridges
Does what it says on the tin

Spencer Dock Bridge nearly complete
Amanda Levete interviewed on Future Systems bridge in Dublin

Santiago Calatrava Wins European Steel Design Award for His Bridges at Reggio Emilia
Three bridges in Italy win ECCS prize

Pedestrian and bike bridge proposed for False Creek
Gregory Henriquez designs suspension footbridge for Vancouver

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