05 July 2009

Bridges news roundup

Top 10 bridge engineers
Courtesy of Accelerated Bridge Construction blog

Lenticular truss footbridge proposed in New York
SHoP Architects with plan for Battery Park

Chris Wise interviewed
Discusses the design of the Infinity Bridge for Stockton-on-Tees: "We drank all the beer during the course of sitting there in the sweltering heat. I doodled away and we came up with the double bow design."

Unesco listing for 19th century Welsh aqueduct
Pontcysyllte Aqueduct given World Heritage Site status

Mayor considers pedestrian-cyclist crossing parallel to Burrard Bridge
Can$45m suspension footbridge proposed for Vancouver


Anonymous said...

Is there a EE / Chris Wise filter built within this site? To all users please try and post a response to one of his projects, I don't mean be 'mean', just be responsibly critical if you so feel. I have tried on three occasions and they don't appear to get published.

Come on HP.

The Happy Pontist said...

I publish all comments received, except one or two which are really intended as private communications to me rather than for public consumption (for those, please email happypontist at gmail dot com instead). I may also reject any comments which are libellous, abusive or otherwise inappropriate, but I haven't had any of those yet! It may be there's a problem with the anti-spam features making it hard to post some comments - if you do have problems, again, please email me.

Anonymous said...

good to know, kind regards
Bridge Guy

ps: so your not chris then, wondered....lol

Anonymous said...

maybe its when people include a link to an outside website as reference bridge / image?

just a thought?