19 February 2009

Bridges news roundup

Is it a Burj or is it a bridge?
It looks like the seven-star Burj-al-Arab hotel - but no, it's actually a bridge (resemblance to Portsmouth's Spinnaker Tower may also be noted). This could be a great trend - who's first up for a bridge suspended from a leaning tower, Pisa-like?

ICE historic bridge awards
These were announced some time ago, but the newsletter of the ICE's Panel for Historic Engineering Works (PHEW) appeared more recently and included lots of detail on last year's winning schemes. The engineering ingenuity that goes into conserving historic structures is often far more challenging than that applied to new designs!

Indian rail bridge collapses during construction
Four killed in Bihar. In a somewhat bizarre follow-up, a lawyer claims the collapse was engineered as an assassination attempt.

Ice falls from Severn Bridges
Engineers scratch heads

Banff says no to fancy footbridge
Locals favour replacement of road bridge, but since it's a historically significant and structurally sound John Smeaton design, this seems extremely unlikely

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