06 May 2018

Yorkshire Bridges: 28. Victoria Bridge, Leeds

Continuing west on the River Aire, the next bridge is Victoria Bridge, completed in 1839 by either George Leather (if you believe this Grade II Listed Building's listing) or his son John Wignall Leather (if you believe the younger Leather's obituary). The Leathers were also responsible for Crown Point Bridge in Leeds, as well as the Stanley Ferry Aqueduct.

Today the bridge carries Victoria Road / Neville Street, a busy highway that carries traffic below Leeds Railway Station.

Victoria Bridge is an elliptical masonry arch bridge, with what I would call "sunrise" voussoirs i.e. it's facing stonework is arranged in a radial pattern. It is an attractive bridge, nicely detailed, although the mutules are a bit fussy (every time I read the Listing for one of these masonry bridges, I seem to learn a new word).

The stringcourse on the bridge shows clear signs of sagging, presumably long-standing.

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I'm compiling a book on toll roads, bridges and tunnels in England & Wales. I'm trying to find out the history of the Cartford Toll Bridge in Lancashire - but finding it difficult to come across much. Do you - or any of your contacts - know anything or could help me?

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