01 May 2018

Yorkshire Bridges: 26. Victoria Quays Footbridge, Leeds

This is a nice little bridge just a short distance away from the Centenary Bridge in Leeds.

It spans a basin between Flyboat House and Dock House, just off Navigation Walk, part of the Victoria Quays development, a series of waterside warehouses converted into residential property.

The basin doesn't especially need to be spanned, it's not huge, but no doubt the bridge provides some convenience for residents. It is a private structure, and can be seen but not used by the public.

Timber truss footbridges are reasonably unusual in the UK, and this one had the look of being historic, although it is not. It's form and details are interesting, and explained by the fact that it comprises two roof trussed removed from the adjacent Flyboat House, and used to create a bridge.

Judging from photos of restoration works undertaken by RDF Building Limited in late 2014, much of the timber was in poor condition and was presumably replaced. However, I think the bridge may date to 1986, when the warehouse buildings were converted.

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