22 April 2018

Yorkshire Bridges: 22. Leeds Dock Footbridges, Leeds

These two bridges weren't on my "to-do list" in Leeds, but I spotted them from nearby and took the chance to have a quick look while there.

There are two of these little bascule bridges spanning Leeds Dock (formerly Clarence Dock) and one of its side arms, part of a redevelopment completed in 2004. The bridges were designed by Buro Happold, with mechanical engineering by Bennett Associates for contractor Spencer.

Both bridges are stiffened steel u-frame structures. One is a twin-bascule span, with mechnically driven pistons which interlock the two sections at the central joint. The other is a single leaf bascule with a short cantilever approach span - the opening leaf rests on the fixed section via a half-joint.

Both structures are deeper at the hinged end, or, to be more precise, deepest directly above the hydraulic rams that open the spans.

The bridges are not spectacular, but are certainly quite nice.

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