26 April 2016

Yorkshire Bridges: 9. Cable-stayed footbridge at University of York

Here's another interesting little bridge at the University of York's Heslington Campus.

I've been unable to find out anything about when this bridge was built, or who was responsible, so if any readers can provide further information, please share it in the comments.

The bridge spans an artificial lake between two colleges, and fits the surroundings well, with a height that isn't any taller than nearby trees.

There are a number of things that I like in this bridge. The first is the very slight angle to the towers, which helps give it an open feeling, perhaps even a little jaunty. Vertical towers would look stiff and formal by comparison.

The towers themselves are nicely tapered, and attractively simple in their chevron cross-section, which ensures all sides of the steelwork are accessible for maintenance and repainting (or cleaning, should somebody be bothered).

I also like the way the towers are perched on tiny pin-pricks of steelwork, the entire bridge perched on as little as is necessary to hold it up.

I admire the modesty of the bridge deck, with simple timber decking and straightforward balustrades. The bumblebee ends to the balustrade rails, presumably intended to warn drunken students against tumbling against them headfirst, are the only jarring note.


crisb said...

It seems its also called the James Wentworth bridge and was built in 1993 to link those two colleges. There are some pictures on York University website of it being built. Haven't found anything about who designed or built it.


Bridge Ink said...

Very attractive! Except, as you say, for the bumblebee ends to the balustrade rails. Are those required by the insurance carriers? Ugh.

Felix said...

The bumblebee painting might have something to do with the balustrade being a trip hazard.