30 April 2016

Yorkshire Bridges: 10. Arched footbridge at University of York

Here's a third footbridge at the University of York. This one connects two college buildings across a small highway, and was built some time before 2010, although I can't find any information on the exact date, the contractor, or the designer.

This is a fairly straightforward steel arch bridge, although there are a few features of note.

The first is its asymmetry, with the arch ribs founded at one end close to deck level, and at the other end below deck level. I'm only guessing, but I wonder if this is due to an obstacle to foundations at one end, such as buried services. This may also explain the slightly odd struts supporting the deck at one end.

Joints in the deck edge stringers have been simply detailed, and most of the rest of the bridge is also straightforward and attractive, including the balustrades.

The choice of paving is unfortunate, with some of the paving slabs coming loose. I would think these will be a perennial source of problems.

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